The Executive Committee is empowered to act as outlined in the CoC Governance Charter to further assist the CoC Board with its responsibilities to operate a CoC. The Executive Committee will also:

a) Make recommendations for semi-annual full membership meetings;

b) Make recommendations for annual public invitation process for new members;

c) Review the written process to select a CoC Board at least once every five years and recommend updates;

d) Appoint CoC Board Members and CoC Members to committees, subcommittees, or work groups;

e) Review budgets, financial statements, contract compliance reports, audits, and other materials relevant to the CoC Board oversight role;

f) In consultation with the Collaborative Applicant and the HMIS Lead Agency, develop, follow, and annually update this Governance Charter, which will include all procedures and policies needed to comply with HUD requirements and with HMIS requirements, including a code of conduct and recusal process for the CoC Board, its Chairs, and any person acting on behalf of the CoC Board; and

g) At the Chair’s discretion, the Executive Committee may invite other CoC Board Members and CoC Members to participate in and assist with annual Governance Charter review activities.


Executive Committee Meetings

All meetings will be held virtually on the third Tuesday of the month, from 3:00pm – 4:30pm Eastern Time.

Executive Committee Meeting attendance is reserved for committee members only